The Jealous Narrator

Sylvia: Why did you do that? Narrator: Because. Sylvia: What’s that supposed to mean? Narrator: I had a good reason but you don’t need to know. Sylvia: Well I’m the one who about got hit by a wrecking ball. I think I should know. Narrator: That’s not a good reason for me to tell you… Continue reading The Jealous Narrator


Why Do Bad Things Happen?

Do you ever wonder why bad things happen? I have those types of questions in my head right now. I am going to the doctor to take a mental health test on Monday. Anxiety, depression, and bi-polar run in the family so I am getting checked out. I know I have anxiety and depression. Some… Continue reading Why Do Bad Things Happen?

John 18 – 19

John 18 - We are getting very close to the crucifixion of Jesus. This chapter begins with the betrayal of Jesus by Judas Iscariot. When the guards ask which person, out of Jesus and his disciples, was Jesus of Nazareth Jesus says simply, "I am." If you remember when God spoke to Moses He said that… Continue reading John 18 – 19

Bleed the Same

This morning Mandisa released the music video for her hit Bleed the Same. I have heard this song so many times on the radio and I love it. The message is so powerful. 'We all bleed the same, so tell me why we're divided.' There is so much strife in this world these days. Black against… Continue reading Bleed the Same

What is a Woman’s Place in the Home/Society?

In today's society the line separating what the man does and what the woman does has been blurred. It is normal now for there to be men who do not provide for their family. It is also normal for women to abandon their mothering responsibilities for work. It hurts to see the world this way… Continue reading What is a Woman’s Place in the Home/Society?

I Sit

Sometimes I sit. I sit is the still, early morning darkness. A single candle lighting the room. I try to relax, calm before the day begins. I sit and pray. It is weird how the quiet hurts sometimes. Your ears searching for some small sound but not hearing a thing. But still I sit and… Continue reading I Sit

Lipstick in the Apocalypse

"No. I have no idea how she found lipstick in the apocalypse," I replied. The warrior before us was holding in laughter. He was not doing a good job of it. "We're literally in the middle of nowhere," he howled. Marcie glared at the man. She was not amused. "We may be in the apocalypse… Continue reading Lipstick in the Apocalypse