I Have Christ

He was born in Bethlehem, raised in Nazareth.

Saw His Father’s house in year twelve.

Spoke wisdom and stumped the leaders,

Bewildered the elders.

Year thirty He started ministry.

Walked the countryside showing the lost the way to life.

He died when he was thirty three,

Gave His life for me.

On the third day he rose,

Came back to life.

Gave me new life.

He is my Lord, my king.

He saved me.

I can’t live without Him.

Once you have His love everything is seen,

Seen in a new light.

The light that shines.

The light that shows us the way to new life.

God gave His son to die for us,

To die for us so that we could see that light.

And one day when I die,

I will go to heaven, where that light never dies.

I will sing His glory, sing His name.

Forever and ever, for the rest of my days.

I will praise His name, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Made new.

Made to worship Him for all eternity.

Made to serve in His glorious and wondrous name.

I will never have so say,

What is love, or where am I going?

I know where I am going.

I am going to live in His presence for all eternity.

I will never worry.

I will never have to say I am sorry.

Sorry for the wrong I do, because there will be no wrong.

I will live in a place with no sin, no anger, no hate.

I will sing for my Savior all the rest of my days.

And until then, I will never doubt what He says.

I will die for Him if it comes to that.

My life has meaning now with Him in it.

I have something to write about, something to sing about.

I don’t have to stress about life anymore.

I have Christ.

I need nothing more.



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