Behind the Scenes

Recently I have been working on a project previously known as The Adventures of Laurie and Cookie. I had a revelation tonight. I have a slight obsession with learning and reading about spiritual warfare, the fight between God and the devil. As I was writing I was listening to an album by Thousand Foot Krutch called The End is Where We Begin. God revealed to me through this music that my story was an allegory of spiritual warfare. So here is an explanation. The SWA and MRG represent us believers. The robots represent demons who try to hurt the believers. The people who are slaves represent those who have not accepted Jesus as their savior. Lucy represents someone who acts like a Christian but is really not one. The reason Commander Ross and Doc are leaders but under eight is because of the childlike faith that kids have. They easily follow Christ and will tell you the truth about Christ without blinking an eye. The agents who were brainwashed represent those Christians who do not want to follow Jesus’ example but want to go the way of the world. I hope this helps you read the story much better. Eventually God and Satan will enter the picture but that is later. You can find this story and more at Enjoy!

In Christ,

The Young Theologian


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