Your Love

I am ashamed of my tears.

I hate any feeling besides joy.

I don’t want to be sad, or angry, or mad.

I hide my tears.

I hide my fears.

I hide my worries and hide my anxieties.

I hide my stress saying that I am too blessed.

My tears come at night when I look over my life.

I feel pain, I feel guilt.

I feel the burden I can share with no one else.

I miss the days with no sadness, only gladness.

Year eleven was when my world changed.

Less peace, less joy.

More sorrow, more pain.

That was the year Satan took my breath away.

God bring back the joy, take away the sorrow.

I need you Lord, now and tomorrow.

I need you Lord to give me peace.

I need you Lord to give me rest.

God please come down and give me all this.

I cry out to you, a hole in my chest.

I need you Lord to take care of me.

I need you Lord to wrap Your loving arms around me.

I thank you God for the struggles and the pain.

They gave me strength, they gave me grace.

But now all I want is Your love, God.

No more dealing with the world that pushes and shoves.

No more of the pain and strain of life.

All I want is Your love.



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