Fruit Trees

Have you ever been compared to a plant? Well in Matthew 13:33-37, Christ compares us to fruit trees. He compares our works, what we do, to the fruit a tree produces. Jesus says in verse 33, ‘“Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or else make the tree bad and its fruit bad; for a tree in known by its fruit.”’ If we believe in Christ, we should show that outwardly in what we do. Our hearts are good so our actions and words should be good. On the other hand if someone does not believe in Jesus, then they will show that in what they do. Their hearts are bad so their actions are bad. That is one of the ways you can tell if someone is a true Christian. Are they showing Jesus and acting like they have a good heart? Or are they not showing Jesus at all and acting like they have a bad heart. True, there are people who are not Christians who do good things but we are talking about confessing Christians here. Say your friend says that they are a Christian but they are often saying hurtful things to you. According to their fruit, they have a bad heart not the good one that Jesus gives us when we accept Him into our lives. Or what if you have a friend who is a confessing Christian and is kind to everybody and really shows Jesus? According to their fruit, they do have Jesus living inside of them. This verse is also a really good way to cross-examine yourself. Are you producing good fruit or bad fruit? God knows the truth about the heart but this is a good way to see if you and the people you know have a heart for Jesus or not. Matthew 13:34b says, ‘“For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”’


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