17 Years, Wow!

It’s my birthday! As I am looking back at this year I am amazed. My life has taken many twists and turns, but God has blessed me so much. God has brought me so much closer to Him. In October, God convicted me of my calling in life. I was in Greensboro, NC at a Dr. David Jeremiah conference. He was talking about our calling, how when we know our calling from God we need to focus on that. God has shown me that my calling is music and ministry. In January I made some lifestyle changes. My mind was not as focused on God as it should so I changed that. I have been focusing on my music and being the worship leader in my church. In March, God opened the door to allow me to speak at a church for the first time. I spoke on faith and faith is what is getting me through my crazy life. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, I lost a friend. No, she did not die. She was becoming a bully and pressuring me to do things that God does not want me to do. I have chosen to be very conservative and she does not respect that. She wants me to watch Harry Potter and listen to secular music, which I do not do. She has become a bad influence but God has finally separated us. I know that all things work out for good for those who love the Lord. All my trials will become blessings in the long run. God has blessed me and changed my life for the better. As I get closer to adulthood, God brings me closer to Him and shows me the road my life is taking. I pray my life, though there are trials, will be a journey that takes me closer and closer to him.


In Christ,

The Young Theologian



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