He Cares

The noise of a multitude in the mountains, like that of many people! A tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of nations gathered together! The Lord of hosts musters the army for battle.            Isaiah 13:4


Once upon a time, a young couple walks home from the hospital. Mary Jane, the woman in this pair, has found out that she has stage 3 breast cancer. Her and her husband Mark are in shock from the revelation. All of a sudden Mary sinks to her knees and Mark falls down next to her worried. Mary mumbles something.

“Honey, are you okay?” Mark asks worriedly. “Do we need to go back to the hospital?”

Mary looks up with tears in her eyes. “Do you see it Mark?” she says, looking past him.

Mark looks up and all he sees is the azure sky. “Honey, you are getting delusional,” he says. “Let’s get you back to the hospital.” Mark tries to lift Mary onto her feet but she stays on her knees.

“God is with us,” Mary says with a sparkle in her eyes. “He is going to take care of us. Look behind the clouds.”

Mark looks up and sees a cloud bank that looks like an enormous wave. He looks behind the clouds but sees nothing. “There is nothing there.” He says and looks back down at his wife.

Mary grabs Mark’s hands in hers and looks into his tired, worried, blue eyes. “Have faith and the God of angel armies will save us.” She lifts her hand to Mark’s chin and shifts his face towards the clouds.

Then he sees it. An army of angels are right behind the cloud bank. Tears fill Mark’s eyes as he shifts them back to his wife. “He is with us,” Mark says with certainty in his voice. The couple hugs and then stands with an overwhelming peace. They know God is going to help them in this battle. Leaning on each other, Mary Jane and Mark walk home with a smile on their faces. God is there, He cares, and He will help all that call on Him.


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